Ears Wide Open: GRIT


GRIT is the aptly named trio fronted by singer-guitarist Kat Meoz (her real name, almost too good to be true), who blares her garagey blues with an indomitable, quavering tenacity. The galloping bass and drums of Grit’s first single “LA Don’t Love You” drive home the idea that you should be strong enough to grow where you’re planted, because, to itemize, neither Los Angeles nor New York nor Vegas nor Boston nor Austin is going to coddle you. The second single “New Car” breaks the speed limit in similar fashion, and in the new video directed by JH Cabral, the plucky frontwoman ends up behind the wheel of a muscular vintage ride. “Christine” vibes ensue. GRIT’s five-song debut EP will be out in June via Bodan Kuma Recordings, but the first two singles are available for free download via NoiseTrade.

||| Stream: “LA Don’t Love You” and “New Car”

||| Watch: The new video for “New Car”

||| Live: Grit plays May 13 at the Hi Hat.