Video: Hotel for Strangers, ‘Bat Face Girl’

Hotel For Strangers

Life is tough for a bat-faced girl. When angry, she has the tendency to bite heads off other animals. She’s just different. Then one night she goes to see Hotel For Strangers at “The Skunk,” and meets a wolf who bites someone’s head off. As the blood splatters everywhere, she smiles, and offers the wolf a beer once his rage subsides, and they will probably live happily ever after. That’s the storyline for video director Teppei Ando’s animation creation for Hotel For Strangers. Some may recognize his art from Sonny & the Sunsets videos. “Bat Face Girl” is found on the debut self-titled EP from Hotel For Strangers, due July 1. Max Hellmann, Drew Mottinger and Patrick Doyle formed the band in 2014, after being in some very different music projects in and around Los Angeles. Here, Hellmann and Mottinger share lead vocal duties, Doyle plays bass, Jessica Gerhardt adds harmonies, Todd Ramsey and Mike Schneider handle electronic and acoustic drums, and the group transforms their rhythms into samples along with rips and blips from Moogs and broken ARP synthesizers. For subject matter, the EP delves into failed relationships, bad habits, the dark side of L.A. life, and a sprinkling of cynical introspection to pep things up.

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