Premiere: Moons of Mars, ‘Take It Easy’

Moons of Mars (Photo by Yoon Kim)
Moons of Mars (Photo by Yoon Kim)

Brother duo Moons of Mars — Mario and Giovan Polanco — have been hitting the high notes since last spring, when they released their “Free to Fly” EP. They followed with three hooky singles that saw them straddling the electro-pop, psych and R&B worlds, and now their high-flying voices return on the new frolic “Take It Easy.” Right down to the insouciant “la-la-la-las” in the background, the brothers Polanco here are pretty much suggesting, in their fraternally harmonious way, that everybody should just chill out. “We all have our issues, right?” Giovan explains. “This song is about just giving people a break.” Adds Mario: “Don’t worry about your past, don’t worry about tomorrow, love more, and take it easy.” The new single is out Friday.

||| Stream: “Take It Easy”

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||| Live: Moons of Mars play Tuesday at the Hi Hat as part of Groves’ residency.

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