Stream: Dreamers, ‘Sweet Disaster’

Dreamers (Photo by JustinWilczynski)
Dreamers (Photo by JustinWilczynski)

Dreamers — singer-guitarist Nick Wold, bassist Nelson and drummer Jacob Wick — arrived in L.A. from Brooklyn last year full of millennial angst, tight songs and a glimmer of hope, the latter owing to a record deal with Fairfax Recordings. Today they announced their full-length debut, “This Album Does Not Exist,” would be out Aug. 26. Besides the existentialist riddles the title implies, it will include two of the highlights from the EP they released in Feburary, “Drugs” and “Wolves (You Got Me),” and the new single “Sweet Disaster,” a crunchy rocker that harpoons nostalgia-driven party culture. History is littered with dreamers, these Dreamers suggest, but you won’t find nirvana in a river of champagne.

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