Stream: Ariana Delawari, ‘Here Is My Love’

Ariana Delawari

It’s been seven years since Ariana Delawari released “Lion of Panjshir” through David Lynch Music Company, an album she recorded in Los Angeles and Afghanistan that blended Afghan rhythms with Laurel Canyon flavored psych-folk. From that came a documentary, “We Came Home,” and years of dedication to activism. Somewhere along the way she recorded a batch of songs with producer/drummer Butchy Fuego and those tunes are seeing the light in a self-released double-album, “Entelechy I & II,” due Aug. 12. “Entelechy I” features the electronic versions of the songs as produced by Fuego, and “II” is raw, acoustic renderings of the same tunes with Delawari accompanied by tabla virtuoso Salar Nader.

“The theme of this whole album is love,” explains Delawari. “Some of the songs are about romantic love, but most are also about a deeper love that’s beyond romantic love.” The first single, “Here Is My Love,” concerns the latter kind, “love beyond romantic love,” she says. “There are two songs that have a bit of a heavier message, one I wrote in Uganda about child soldiers. It’s called ‘African Lightning Fire.’ After all of my travels to Afghanistan, my heart opened in ways. I realized that the journeys had broken my heart open to a deeper place of love. That’s the place I wrote this album from.”

||| Stream: “Here Is My Love”