Ears Wide Open: Zipper Club

Zipper Club
Zipper Club

The first single from Zipper Club comes all ready for that mixtape you blare while driving aimlessly around the city at dusk, windows down, volume up. The new band is the collaboration between Mason James of the unfortunately named garage-rockers Cerebral Ballzy and Lissy Trullie, née Elizabeth McChesney, the onetime Downtown Records ingenue who’s largely been off the music radar since her full-length was released in 2012. Along with drummer Jahphet Landis, they sound as if they’re having fun. James acknowledges that Zipper Club’s New Wave music is “a huge change and not a logical one. It’s a super 180 for me.” He began writing the songs two years ago “as a coping mechanism” after years of hard touring with Cerebral Ballzy, found a creative spark in collaborator Trullie and recruited James Iha (Smashing Pumpkins) to record an album at Eye Sky Studios in North Hollywood. Says Trullie: “I was looking for a breath of fresh air and a new creative outlet. And I found it.” In the video for the single, directed by James and Jason Hogg, the guitar-and-synth-spiked tune soundtracks the duo’s kidnapping, and they end up in the desert. Where strange rituals take place.

||| Watch: The video for “Going the Distance”

||| Live: Zipper Club has the Monday night residency in August at the Satellite.