Video: Charlie Wadhams, ‘Undying Light’

Charlie Wadhams (Photo by Elsa Launay)
Charlie Wadhams (Photo by Elsa Launay)

Charlie Wadhams’ last album, 2014’s “At the Bar,” was a compendium of breakup songs — the musical deep sigh you take before moving on with your life. Wadhams has, and although he jokes that he’s “been living under a rock for the past year,” the truth is that he’s been busy with his day job and duties as a new father. Not so busy, though, that he didn’t complete a new album, “Undying Light.” It’s a DIY affair on which he plays everything and it came out this week. The L.A. mainstay, first heard in the early 2000s fronting the indie-rock band Rex Aquarium, has a deft touch with tender folk songs; his 2007 solo debut “Free Up Your Schedule” was made with film composer Michael Andrews, who later tapped Wadhams to write songs for the movie “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story,” with two compsotions, “Let’s Duet” and “Guilty As Charged” making the film. Wadhams’ video for the title track of his new album will bring a smile to your face; it stars his young daughter Charlotte. What a way to start a family album.

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