Stream: The Tyde, ‘The Curse in Reverse’

The Tyde at the Echo in December 2014 (Photo by Carl Pocket)
The Tyde at the Echo in December 2014 (Photo by Carl Pocket)

The history of the Tyde, when it is finally written, will read like some epic Western novel, with intertwining storylines and a web of characters who criss-cross paths and embark on adventures of their own, with chapters titled Blackfoot, Shadowland, Further, Beachwood Sparks, Frausdots, Mystic Chords of Memory and probably a few more we’re missing. All are bands that share(d) principals with the Tyde, who have been silent since releasing three albums between 2001 to ’06. Last week, finally, the Tyde announced that Sept. 9 would bring the release of “Darren 4,” the fourth Tyde album. They describe it as “songs of sea, sex and sand sprinkled with goodbyes, divorce, truthful situations and perhaps a few laughs.”

None other than Bernard Butler of Suede guests on the song “The Curse in Reverse,” an appropriate re-introduction to the band who, despite the Laurel Canyonesque musical background of some its members, were distinctive for marrying the California sound with a droll British aesthetic. The cast of players on “Darren 4” is familiar: brothers Darren and Brent Rademaker, Ben Knight, Neal Casal, Colby Buddelmeyer, Richard Gowen, Bobby Rodriguez, with Andres Renteria adding percussion, Chelsea Larkin, Paige Stark, Rachel Dean contributing background vocals and Dan Horne on pedal steel. Welcome back.

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