Stream: Van William, ‘Revolution’ (feat. First Aid Kit)

Van William
Van William

Ever hear a new song that’s so simple and pretty you can’t believe it hasn’t been written before? Van Pierszalowski’s second single under his guise Van William is one of those. Abetted by sisters Klara and Johanna Söderberg of First Aid Kit — not to mention a sad trumpet — Pierszalowski maps out the fault lines in a doomed relationship: “I want a revolution / You want a short solution / We never could see eye to eye.” Pierszalowski, the former Port O’Brien frontman and currently the driving force behind the rock band WATERS, was motivated to go in a more pop direction after his relationship went south and he was victimized by the theft of his personal possessions — both in the same week. He wrote the Van William songs at his parents’ house in the Sierras and recorded them with members of Dawes, First Aid Kit and POP ETC. The folky “Revolution” is a mood swing, considering the brisk first single “Fourth of July,” but no less an earworm.

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