Stream: Tess and Dave, ‘Holding My Own Hand’

Tess And Dave (photo by Jim Newberry)

Real-life couple Tess Shapiro and David Vandervelde say “the only difference between our on stage and off stage life together, is that on stage we have our clothes on.” It all began when Vandervelde saw Shapiro perform with Two Sheds here in Los Angeles. He was smitten, creatively and romantically, and knew he wanted to start a band with this woman. Vandervelde had been and continues touring the world as guitarist for Father John Misty. He released two highly regarded solo albums on Secretly Canadian in 2007 and 2008 and recorded with the late Jay Bennett of Wilco on several projects, but it wasn’t until seeing and meeting Shapiro that he realized what kind of music he wanted to make next. The Tess and Dave sound can be heard on their debut self-titled EP, released by Friendship Fever on Aug. 26. Single “Holding My Own Hand” shows off their harmonic storytelling and soft psychedelia with a tasteful sprinkle of whimsy, as embodied by the omnipotent deep man voice chiming in a few times to impart wisdom in this ever-so-gentle break-up song.

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