Video premiere: FYOHNA, ‘Ghost Heart’

FYOHNA (Photo by Erik Bergamini)_
FYOHNA (Photo by Erik Bergamini)

For the past year, singer Katarina Gleicher and producer Elliot Glasser have made music under the name FYOHNA — heady electronic pop that mixes old- and new-school rhythms and layered synths with Gleicher’s radiant vocals. Live, the duo uses sampling, sequencing, and loop-triggering to build their songs piece by piece like a puzzle; the resulting soundscapes, like their first single “Believe You,” can be beautifully evocative.

Such is also the case with the sweetly melodic and vaguely haunting single “Ghost Heart,” which gets a provocative video treatment from filmmaker Erik Bergamini. The video stars Gleicher with Jacob Gibson (of the hip-hop duo GOOD PEOPLEZ) as a sartorially splendid couple (or, perhaps, their ghosts) spending a day in the flotsam and jetsam of the Salton Sea ruins. Expressionless, she prepares him food, which he consumes equally impassively, as the video cuts to modern dancers (Jordan Saenz, Ariana Daub, Rebecah Goldstone, Julia Planine-Troiani, Yassin and Emeka Simmons). Finally, there is the peach, succulent and colorful, the textural flip side to their surroundings. And as he takes a bite, she takes leave.

“Ghost Heart” is one of those videos that seduces you with cinematography and leaves you with a bowl full of symbolism. The song is from FYOHNA’s forthcoming EP. Peachy.

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