Photos: Lush, Tamaryn at the Fonda Theatre

Lush at the Fonda Theatre (Photo by Monique Hernandez)
Lush at the Fonda Theatre (Photo by Monique Hernandez)

Reunited U.K. shoegazers Lush returned to Southern California for the second time this year — a treat for fans who might have missed their abbreviated spring visit (they only played one weekend of Coachella due to via issues). On Saturday night at the Fonda Theatre, they sounded like they’d lost nothing having spent 20 years on the sidelines; this year’s tours are the first since Miki Berenyi, Emma Anderson and Philip King played out in 1996, and earlier this year they released the new EP “Blind Spot.” Their high-energy set was not only highlighted by songs old and new but by Berenyi’s largely successful attempt to get the crowd to put their phones away. “Just put it away, it’s annoying,” she said. “If you have to use it just keep it in front of your own fucking face; think of the people around you.” Cheers to that.

Tamaryn was well-paired as the night’s opener.

Photos by Monique Hernandez

Setlist: De-Luxe, Breeze, Kiss Chase, Hypocrite, Lovelife, Thoughtforms, Light From a Dead Star, Desire Lines, Lit Up, Scarlet, Etheriel, Undertow, For Love, Out of Control, Ladykillers, Downer, Sweetness and Light. Encore 1: Lost Boy, Nothing Natural. Encore 2: Monochrome