Treehouse Music & Arts Fest debuts Saturday in Pasadena

Jade at the GIRLSCHOOL festival earlier this year (Photo by Joel Michalak)
Jade at the GIRLSCHOOL festival earlier this year (Photo by Joel Michalak)

What began as a monthly showcase of pop-up events around Los Angeles will expand into a full-day festival this weekend. The inaugural Treehouse Music & Arts Fest takes over the Ambassador Auditorium on Saturday in Pasadena. In addition to a selection of independent short film screenings, Kimya Dawson, Jade Castrinos (formerly of Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros), Joey Dosik, Josiah and The Bonnevilles, Allison Weiss, the Active Set, Emily Gold, Livingmore, and many other extrapolations of the singer-songwriter variety will share their music on two stages. Alex Wisner, the artist who started Treehouse, says she was inspired by the “lackluster of the venue culture we’ve built as a society,” as she puts it.

Here’s what she has to say:

“You get to a venue, you have to find parking, you have to pay to get in, you’re watching a band on some sort of stage that may or may not have good sound or lighting, you sometimes feel completely disconnected from the artist and it’s like the artist has been given an almighty, smelly pedestal to stand on and potentially fall from. It’s very inconsistent. Don’t get me wrong, there are some beautiful venues and events out there, but there’s a stillness to Treehouse that I haven’t seen anywhere. It’s like we stop time for a brief moment to remember how beautiful humanity can be.”

The festival, feturing more than 30 artists overall, goes off from noon to midnight. General admission is $35; tickets available here.

Full schedule and set times are beneath the flyer:



Outdoor Main Stage

12:45pm: Tyler Pase
1:00pm: Amaleia
1:15pm: Among Moons
1:30pm: Highland Kites
1:45pm: Emily Gold
2:00pm: Beaullebelle
2:15pm: Mister Mudd
2:30pm: Marigold
2:45pm: Andrea Silva
3:30pm: Allison Weiss
4:15pm: Livingmore
5:00pm: Color Me Home
5:15pm: Jaden Larue
5:30pm: Mariel Loveland
6:30pm: Jaden Osmon
6:45pm: Crush Club
7:00pm: Kimya Dawson
8:00pm: Tara Louise
8:15pm: Ora The Molecule
8:30pm: Arthur
8:45pm: The Wilder Society

Indoor Stage

3:00pm: Joey Dosik
4:00pm: Frith
5:00pm: The Active Set
6:00pm: Kodiac
7:00pm: Surprise Guest
8:00pm: Lily Kershaw
9:00pm: Jade
10:00pm: Josiah & The Bonnevilles

Short films (between each indoor stage act)

Pop Le Cheval (5 mins)
Affections (16 mins)
Awesome Thank You (7 mins)
Immobile Home (14 mins)
Thou Shalt Not Murder (3 mins)
Petro (15 mins)
Barely (4 mins)
Thunder Road (13 mins)