Stream: Echolust, ‘Velvet Holiday’

Echolust (Photo by Jerry Coria)
Echolust (Photo by Jerry Coria)

Long Beach’s Echolust debuted a year ago with a batch of speaker-rattling songs straight out of the post-punk playbook: bristling bass and synth, guitars that sound like they’ve been through a meat-grinder only to come out kind of pretty and distant vocals echoing down some dark, deserted, rain-slicked street in London. OK, we just imagined the last part. Some of those songs, re-recorded, and some new ones from the threesome of Philip Obando, Armond Angeles and Tony Lee Jackson comprise the full-length album “Veldisa,” out Friday on Cleopatra Records. The new tunes “Velvet Holiday” and “Decor Blonde” find Echolust not far from their influences of My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive and Cocteau Twins. Fans of shoegaze and darkwave have another one for the shelf, as fetching as gloomy can be.

||| Stream: “Velvet Holiday” and “Decor Blonde”

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