Stream: Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 46)

Photo by WonHo Sung via
Photo by WonHo Sung via

‘Tis the season for compiling those year-end lists for what music lovers consider a “best-of.” Whether you’re bundling up to go outside and enjoy this rare chilly Los Angeles winter or keeping warm inside, keep an ear out for some of those last-minute December jams. In fact, check out Buzz Bands LA’s Greatest Hits: This Week (Vol. 46) to consider the hot new local tracks we’ve covered the last couple of weeks. 

||| Stream: Greatest Hits … This Week, Vol. 46

Milo Greene, “We Kept The Lights On”
Saro, “Looking”
Turquoise Noise, “Wasting All My Time”
Xander Singh, “As Long As You’re Loved”
Cate Le Bon, “Rock Pool”
Mike Sempert, “Distance”
Wes Period, “Love Alone”
King Washington, “My Reflection”
Daisy House, “Languages”
The Absurd, “1XON3”
MAST, “Me And You” (feat. AndrĂ©e Bell)
Pioneer 11, “Grumpy Goomba”
Olivia May, “Tonight”
Komox, “Untouchables”
The Tracks, “Go Out Tonight
Cuesta Loeb, “Charlotte Hill”
Dear Boy, “Alluria”

Also covered on Buzz Bands LA, but not available on Soundcloud:

Maria Taylor, “Free Song”
MUNA, “I Know a Place”