Premiere: Savoir Adore, ‘The Love That Remains – Acoustic’ EP

Savoir Adore
Savoir Adore

In August, Brookyn synth-poppers Savoir Adore released their third full-length, “The Love That Remains,” the first album for principal songwriter Paul Hammer since Deidre Muno left the band in 2014. Hammer forged ahead with guest vocalists joining as the female counterpoint in his songs of love, loss and longing. Lauren Zettler has settled in as Savoir Adore’s singer-keyboardist, and it is the chemistry the duo found in performing acoustic sessions that has inspired a spinoff release. “We got so many messages about the acoustic versions of our songs that we decided to record a few of them,” Hammer said. And so “The Love That Remains – Acoustic” (which comes out Friday) offers five stripped-down songs — four from their latest album and a tender version of the band’s biggest single, 2011’s “Dreamers.” In place of the full-length’s layers of percolating synths and slick production is the unvarnished beauty of guitar, piano and vocals. The single “Giants,” an anthem of self-affirmation (“Your soul grows bigger / than your body ever knows”), conjures up this analogy: On the album, the song hits you like rah-rahs from a squad of cheerleaders and a marching band; the acoustic version is like a conversation with a old friend. Pick your pep talk.

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