Video premiere: Restavrant, ‘Concrete’


After a brief stint performing as Snakearm, Troy Murrah and Tyler Whiteside have returned to their original band name, Restavrant, “because of some licensing, label, legal and sentimental issues,” says Murrah. And so they’re re-releasing their 2015 EP “Concrete” on Jan. 6 through SmallHOLIDAY Records, and a new EP arrives in March, titled “Padlock Jackson.” Murrah says, “Much of our recent recorded music was put on a shelf until the band name ‘business dust’ settled. Who woulda known that such a confusing and awkward name would generate such confusion. So, here we are again …”

To celebrate, the boys put on their sexiest, brightly colored exercise clothes, grabbed some vodka and vitamin water and took to the park for a booze-inspired workout with video director Christopher Sousa. At first, Murrah had a different vision: “I was gonna duct tape myself to a pole vault pole, then attach it to the front bumper of Tyler’s Rav4, have him drive around as I strummed my guitar while still duct-taped to the pole, but the ‘Mad Max’ movie came out and beat us to the punch. Luckily, we met these nice Eastern European girls that were into physical fitness and liked a couple of our songs (they said, ‘Not all them’) … So it was a perfect match!”

Despite the music’s happy aerobic beat and everyone’s smiling faces as they improve the shape of their butts in the video, the lyrics describe a dark, grumpy mood. Murrah wrote “Concrete” the day after he decided to give up on car racing. “I was bummed, hung over, and a bit pissed at some folk. A lot of my pit crew moved on to higher paying gigs because of me. They slid off my foot to get in the door. Also, that day my lady kept calling me from the other room to come in there to make photograph judgments/critiques. … I wasn’t in the mood nor could I move. I was being an asshole. An asshole’s ego built on escaping death multiple times.” We all have those days…

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