Video: Mr. Elevator, ‘Sunshine Daydream’

Mr. Elevator (photo by Sofia Karchi)

Poppy drums and haunted keys pair nicely with this supernatural-themed music video starring some girls who tempt the spirits and receive a surprise when their conjuring actually works. The song, “Sunshine Daydream,” offers a first glimpse into “When The Morning Greets You,” due Feb. 10 on Rad Cat Records. Formed in 2012 by Thomas Dolas and Justin Martinez over a love of Donovan, the band began performing with Wyatt Blair on bass and released “Nico & her Psychedelic Subconscious” with Burger Records in 2013. Mr. Elevator has decided to drop “and the Brain Hotel” from the band name, but their keyboard-centric, long-haired, flower-powered, smiley-faced, trippy 1970s-style pop sound prevails.

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