Video premiere: The Bomb, ‘Everybody’s Famous’

The Bomb, aka Rachel Fannan (photo by Jacquie Ray)

Rachel Fannan announced her new project, The Bomb, at the start of 2016, an assertive and fierce rock band that finds her mighty voice wailing with unapologetic sonic fury. Upon the debut, she said, “I’m stepping out from behind my routine love song vibe to speak directly about the human condition. Everything from America’s gun obsession to Donald Trump’s racist insanity. It’s time for me to get real about my longtime desire to influence society for positive change … Here’s to moving it forward and holding ourselves to a purpose. And I’m not saying don’t enjoy it.” To that end, several songs on her recently released EP, “Everybody’s Famous” have pointed lyrics addressing social injustice, plus she’s just put out a single, “Just To Be Free,” about police brutality, and Fannan is currently producing a compilation of protest songs, “Save Your Prayers,” featuring Micah Nelson (Insects VS Robots), Guy Blakeslee, and others.

The EP’s title track is the lightest song in the mix, subject-wise. Its music video features a healthy amount of hip rolls, hair-flips, and confident femininity — at ease in sexy dance choreography as much as in sweatpants on the couch. “I think growing up in the ’80s and ’90s watching MTV, I was really attracted to dance videos. Stuff like early Madonna pulled me in,” explains Fannan. “Those types of visuals and the L.A. girl who works her butt off to stay in the game even when it seems like everyone around her is already famous” served to inspire the video.

||| Watch: “Everybody’s Famous”

||| Live: The Bomb performs Wednesday, Dec. 21, at The Echo for their EP release show, joined by Stars at Night, Pipe Dreams and Edith Crash. Tickets.