Stream: Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 48)

Cover photo by Arto Marttinen via

Here’s the final edition of our weekly mixtape series for 2016 — over the next few days we’ll be publishing all our year-end things. For now, though, check out Buzz Bands LA’s Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 48) and hear tunes from Lauren Ruth Ward, Meatbodies, Dios, Restavrant, Aaron Embry, Nate Cole, Drab Majesty and much more. 

||| Stream: Greatest Hits … This Week, Vol. 48

Lauren Ruth Ward, “Make Love To Myself”
Dios, “I’m Going Home (I’m Over Everybody)”
Nate Cole, “Sera”
Trashclub, “Outta My Head”
Restavrant, “Concrete”
Jesika von Rabbit, “Going Down”
Mr. Elevator, “Sunshine Daydream”
Thorcraft Cobra, “Caught In Between”
Aaron Embry, “The Wheel”
The Ferdy Mayne, “Define My Name”
Meatbodies, “Creature Feature”
Drab Majesty, “39 By Design”

Also covered on Buzz Bands LA, but not available on Soundcloud:

The Bomb, “Everybody’s Famous”