Delays singer Greg Gilbert battling Stage 4 colon cancer

Greg Gilbert (second from left) and Delays
Greg Gilbert (second from left) and Delays

Greg Gilbert, the 39-year-old whose arching falsetto has been the cornerstone of the U.K. indie-rock band Delays, has been diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer.

Although the prognosis sounds grim, Gilbert’s fiancee Stacey Heale is heading up a fundraising campaign to help Gilbert in seeking alternative treatment. “I just cannot let Greg die and our daughters (Dali, 3, and Bay, 1) grow up without their daddy because of money,” she writes. Adds Gilbert’s brother and bandmate Aaron is a Facebook post, “We couldn’t be more aware of how difficult things are financially for everyone at the moment but simply put, we need to raise as much as we can in order to keep him alive.”

Delays emerged in 2003 with the heavenly single “Nearer Than Heaven,” and their debut album “Faded Seaside Glamour” came out in 2004. They have released three more full-lengths since and have been at work on their fifth album since late 2012.

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