Video premiere: Livingmore, ‘Really Mean It’


Livingmore’s Spencer Livingston and Alex Moore have a new yet-to-be-titled album slated for release this year, and here’s the first taste, “Really Mean It,” an energetic, melodic, rock tune revolving around the phrase, “Hate to be alone, you know you really mean it”?” trailed by a catchy wisp of a riff that follows the words like a string follows a balloon floating through space. The video was created by hand using stop motion and animated by Alex’s brother, Dillon Moore. This pretty thing is full of colorfully drawn and painted figures, flowers and portraits of the band performing and the lines just dance and quiver brightly all over the page. Livingston says, “We really just wanted to make a video that was totally organic and back to basics in a way but at the same time unique and fresh. That’s kind of what this band is really about when you get down to it.” Livingmore’s album follows their debut EP from 2014 and the single “Little Bird,” released in 2015.

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