Premiere: Louis Schefano, ‘Come to Think’

Louis Schefano (Photo by Ryan Dwyer)
Louis Schefano (Photo by Ryan Dwyer)

Louis Schefano’s forthcoming album “Opposite Side of the World” could just as easily be titled “Opposite Side of the Kit” — the forty-something songwriter’s pop chops have been mainly relegated to the background, as drummer for Remy Zero, Little Red Rocket (the forerunner to Azure Ray featuring Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink), Verbena (with A.A. Bondy), Sarah McLachlan and most recently Cheshires. He’s released music under the names Louis and Regia (1999’s “The Art of Navigation” is kind of a lost gem) and also worked on recordings by Bright Eyes, the Ladybug Transistor and Jaymay.

It was Taylor, who’s recorded some of Schefano’s songs on her albums, and her husband Ryan Dwyer who helped bring “Opposite Side” — a “collection of their personal Schefano-best-of’s” — to fruition. The album will come out Feb. 17 on Taylor’s newly minted Flower Moon Records and it includes the bright single “Come to Think,” a rhythmically tricky, ’60s-flavored jingle that adroitly buries its cloudy emotions behind a sunny melody. “‘Come to Think’ is probably the poppiest song on the record, even with its unusual time signature,” Schefano allows, “but lyrically it’s one of the bleakest — about falling out of love.” One thing for sure, it’s an easy song to fall for.

||| Stream: “Come to Think”

||| Live: Louis Schefano celebrates his album release with a show Feb. 5 at the Bootleg Theater, along with Whispertown and more.