Stream: Mering & Rosenberg, ‘Tears On Fire’

Mering & Rosenberg (photo by Shelby Duncan)

Over a week-long residency last March in the mystical desert town of Marfa, Texas, friends Ariel “Pink” Rosenberg and Natalie “Weyes Blood” Mering, two of L.A.’s treasured purveyors of weird joined forces, creating a four-song EP, “Marfa Myths 002,” to be released by Mexican Summer on Jan. 27. This was during the Marfa Myths music festival curated by Mexican Summer, and it’s the second in a collaborative album series matching their artists with kindred spirits from outside the label. (“Marfa Myths 001” engaged Connan Mockasin and Devonté Hynes.) Lead track “Tears On Fire” stitches together Pink’s unpredictable pop sensibilities with Mering’s cosmic folk like a beautiful Frankensteinian monster, electrified on the table and waking up screaming, “TEARS ON FIRE!” That’s Mering’s operatic chorale refrain that interjects melodic verses led by Rosenberg. It’s a gently strange tune sure to satisfy fans of these two space travelers.

In addition to another original, “Morning After,” on which Mering sings lead, the EP features two covers. One is of 1960s tune “Daddy, Please Give A Little Time to Me” by The Sisters, and the other is “On Another Day,” by 1980s U.K. goth rockers Sad Lovers and Giants, with Connan Mockasin and Andrew VanWyngarden of MGMT joining the band for dip into darkness. 

||| Stream: “Tears On Fire”