Video premiere: Fellow Fellow, ‘North’

Fellow Fellow
Fellow Fellow

Chamber-pop — OK, we’ll go with the band’s term, “circus-pop” — outfit Fellow Fellow last summer released their debut album “The Traveler,” a wildly engaging record that gives credence to the theory that singer-songwriter Cooper Wolken plays a magic Wurlitzer with powers to attract the virtuoso musicians who are surely hiding beneath every rock and behind every bush … even tuba players. The septet’s new video for the song “North” does nothing to dispel that notion. The song, Wolken explains, is “about wanting to pack up and leave when you can’t or shouldn’t leave — which seems an appropriate theme for many, given the upcoming inauguration.” What to do then? Dance wherever you are, which in the case of Fellow Fellow was a beautiful pine forest. The video, filmed and directed by Sarah Prinz and Daniel J. Rosenberg of Flexsus Studios, features choreography Jordan Saenz, who, along with dancers Harriet Bailey, Finn Murphy, Jobel Medina, Charissa Kroeger and Princess Romero, enjoy a fine frolic amid the pines. The inauguration is Jan. 20, y’know, and Canada is “North.”

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||| Live: Fellow Fellow celebrate their EP release with a show Jan. 21 at the Lost Room in Echo Park, joined by Bubbeleh and Bellow.

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