Premiere: Oddnesse, ‘Incoming Call’

Oddnesse (Photo by Daniel N. Johnson)
Oddnesse (Photo by Daniel N. Johnson)

The dark, billowing magic of Oddnesse is the work of singer-songwriter Rebeca Arango and producer Doug Walters (aka Grey Goon), two East Coast ex-pats who moved to L.A. “plagued by ghosts of old bands, expensive degrees on their Linked Ins [she NYU, he Wesleyan] and the sweetest of pop tunes in their hearts,” as their bio reveals. Between their other work — Arango is a journalist, Walters has been working with artists such as Wes Period, Lauren Ruth Ward and Beau Young Prince — the duo craft distortion-drenched narratives whose pretty parts play hide-and-seek in layers of bent notes. The leisurely “Incoming Call” is the second of four Oddnesse singles, a pitchy bit of shoegazing that recalls moments of Autolux and Blonde Redhead. We’re happy to remain on hold for the next one.

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