Stream: The Relationship, ‘Break Me Open’

The Relationship (Photo by Renee Carey)
The Relationship (Photo by Renee Carey)

You know Brian Bell as the guitar-slinger on Rivers Cuomo’s right in Weezer. Bell has been doing his own thing as The Relationship on and off for the better part of a decade, notably releasing a full-length in 2010 and showing the kids how it’s done with a single on Burger Records in 2015. The Relationship’s staunch power-pop comes with clean lines, and Bell writes great choruses — witness the teenage zeal in the new single “Break Me Open.” The song is the first from an LP coming this spring from Rebel Union Recordings and Lolipop Records, and, says Bell: “I see music as a craft and like all craftsmen, it’s the constant search for truth and beauty that keeps me going. Music brings expression to the things that can’t be said, they must be felt.” You won’t need to crack any code to feel this one.

||| Stream: “Break Me Open”

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