Stream: French Vanilla, ‘Anti-Aging Global Warming’

French Vanilla (photo by Adam Sandor Nagy)

Nobody wants to eat their own pets, but it’s possible that if the world indeed goes to hell, a person might find themselves without any other option but to make kebabs from Fluffy and Fido. French Vanilla simply think listeners should be conscious of the future. The warning is laid out in “Anti-Aging Global Warming,” in which Sally Spitz sings “What’s going to happen when we run out? Think it through!” over an unabating juicy bass line and a guitar that becomes increasingly agitated as the reality sinks in.

Founded in 2013 when Spitz, Daniel Trautfield, Max Albeck, and Ali Day were undergrads at UCLA, French Vanilla enjoys spreading their politically-aware message via sax-infused no wave in the art-punk scene of Los Angeles, most happy when they can challenge the establishment, support feminism and hang out with friends in the process. Following 2015’s “Demo,” the band will release their full-length self-titled album on March 24 via Danger Collective Records.

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“Anti-Aging Global Warming”