Buzz Bands LA Show, today at 11 on KCSN

The Independent FM

Rainy-day listening: Today’s Buzz Bands LA Show, which kicks off at 11 a.m. on the Independent FM. I’ve bookended today’s shows with cover songs (by Moving Units and Geronimo Getty, respectively), and in between I have new tunes from New Mystics, New Evil, People Flavor, Kan Wakan, Meatbodies, Gale Forces, Nectarines, Salt Petal, BOYO, Alyeska and much more. Find the playlist below, along with an archive of the show. Click here to stream the show at 11.

Listen to “Buzz Bands LA – Indie FM – Feb. 17” on Spreaker.


Moving Units, “Shadow Play”
TEST, “7th Street Metro”
Kan Wakan, “Hold Me Close”
The Flusters, “Lake St.”
Mind Meld, “Mouthbreather”
New Evil, “Pale Skin Latin Girl”
New Mystics, “Modern”
Alyeska, “Tilt-A-Whirl”
Elle Belle, “Rain in London” (feat. Lucius)
TeamMate, “Nothing’s Ever Over”
NoMBe, “Young Herats”
Kida, “Bone Mother”
Blake Hazard, “Before the Ice”
Entrance, “Always the Right Time”
The Palms, “Don’t Waste My Time”
People Flavor, “Shake Well”
GEMS, “Free Fall”
BOYO, “Good As Gone”
Rough Church, “Book Junkies”
Annie Hardy, “Want”
Wilderado, “Talking About Love to a Cigarette”
Meatbodies, “Kings”
Gale Forces, “Ojai Bonfires”
Blonde Summer, “Beer on Ice”
Mad Revival, “Hard Workin’ Man”
Nectarines, “Out of My World”
Salt Petal, “Telephone”
Freedom Fry, “Junkie”
Auditorium, “Did You Heart Shake Like This Song”
Drugdealer, “Were You Saying Something?”
Steffaloo, “Happy”
Geronimo Getty, “King of California”