Stream: Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 55)

Cover image by Michael Mroczek via
Cover image by Michael Mroczek via

Now that your car is washed, your plants are watered, and you’ve maybe swum through L.A. traffic for the first time, sit down and dry off with a week in Buzz Bands LA. This week we have the likes of Salt Petal, NoMBeFrench Vanilla, Moon Ensemble, Nectarines, Blake Hazard and more on Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 55).

Swim through our past playlists here.

French Vanilla, ‘Anti-Aging Global Warming’
Moon Ensemble, ‘Future Colours’
Salt Petal, ‘Telephone’
NoMBe, ‘Young Hearts’
Rough Church, ‘5 AM Shadows’
Nectarines, ‘Out of My World’
Entrance, ‘Always The Right Time’
Blake Hazard, ‘Before the Ice’
TeamMate, ‘Damage’

Also covered this week but not available on Soundcloud:

Froth, ‘Sensitive Girl’
Clipping, ‘Back Up’
Dawes, ‘Roll With the Punches’