Ears Wide Open: New Evil

New Evil
New Evil

From the speeding ticket-inducing single “Pale Skin Latin Girls” to the goth swirl of “Beatriz,” New Evil’s new album “A Witch Shall Be Born” has that inspired essence of an act who like things dark and heavy and, at times, laced with acid commentary. Enfante terrible in Dia de los Muertes face paint, lead vocalist Sophie Anita Reyes has charisma to burn as well as impressive range, as she proves best on the album’s title track. Reyes’ embrace of Latina goth culture, which seeps into the songs like the blood of a fresh kill, recalls the days Concrete Blonde vamped their way across Hollywood some 30 years ago. There are also shades of ’80s-era Siouxsie & the Banshees here, as well as ’90s L7. The tune “Cc0001” is a whimsical, crunchy, bittersweet jam cleverly titled after Reyes’ first student loan, which, as student loans tend to do, haunts the singer and her family years later. Then there’s “Dream House Doll House,” a driving rocker propelled by bandmates Ian Bishop (guitar), Joe Mitchell (bass) and Patrick Nagy (drums), which belongs in Quentin Tarantino’s next grindhouse flick. Reyes’ face paint might not melt, but your face might.

||| Stream: “Cc0001” and “Pale Skin Latin Girls”

||| Live: New Evil celebrate their album release with a show tonight at the Satellite, joined by Rebel & a Basketcase, Sugar Fly and GiGi Gash. Tickets.