Video: Ramonda Hammer, ‘Zombie Sweater’

Ramonda Hammer (photo by Vianne Robitaille)

Bologna. A strange meat. It’s disgusting but also the object of occasional fantasy. That floppy texture, the little slap when it’s flapped. Bologna is the star of “Zombie Sweater,” a video directed by Polaris Castillo for Ramonda Hammer’s new single, available now from New Professor. It follows last spring’s full-length album, “Whatever That Means” and a steady stream of strange, funny videos from this band named after a character on the reality television show “Cheaters.”

“When has bologna ever been the star of something, barring Oscar Mayer commercials from the ’70s?,” wonders frontwoman Devin Davis. “Let’s be real, it’s kind of the redheaded stepchild of deli meats. In the last month, however, bologna is making a serious comeback.”

“Zombie Sweater” is their first collaboration with local label New Professor. An EP and album will follow next year.

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