Video: The Flaming Lips, ‘There Should Be Unicorns’

The Flaming Lips

“There should be unicorns. The ones with the purple eyes, not the green eyes.” That’s the most important item on a list that includes Day-Glo strippers from the Amazon, edible butterflies, ketchup for slathering on the butterflies, motorcycle stunts, burning sun and naked slaves … and it should be loud, but not so loud the swans die. It seems The Flaming Lips are having a party. They haven’t quite recovered from the previous soiree but are still moving forward with plans, hoping to top the last event’s peak of absurdity. Naturally, the video for “There Should Be Unicorns” is colorful and features tongues, cereal, mac and cheese, inflatable rainbow-colored wings and shiny balloons. “There Should Be Unicorns” comes from The Flaming Lips’ new album on Warner Brothers, “OCZY MLODY.”

||| Watch: “There Should Be Unicorns”

||| Live: The Flaming Lips perform May 9 at The Theatre at Ace Hotel.