Photos: Hippo Campus at the Constellation Room

Hippo Campus at the Constellation Room (Photo by Jessica Hanley)
Hippo Campus at the Constellation Room (Photo by Jessica Hanley)

The prescription for best enjoying the infectious indie-rock of Hippo Campus on Sunday night at the Constellation Room seemed to be: show up early, stay late and remain enthusiastic. Even over-enthusiastic, as was the case with one female fan who tried to make off with the jacket singer-guitarist Jake Luppen had shucked onstage during their set.

The venue was already full when openers Avid Dancer took the stage, and from the squeals of delight in the crowd, many recognized the songs from the L.A. band’s 2015 album “1st Bath.” Those squeals escalated to screams when Hippo Campus took the stage, armed with songs from last month’s debut album “Landmark.” Their set included singles “Boyish,” “Monsoon” and “Way It Goes,” and after the finish the crowd remained in place chanting “one more song.” The encore never came. As for the jacket, security intervened before the fan could make it her souvenir.

Photos by Jessica Hanley

Hippo Campus setlist: Sun Veins, Way It Goes, Bashful Creatures, Vines, Souls, Suicide Saturday, Poems, Monsoon, South, Simple Season, Sophie So, Little Grace, Western Kids, Buttercup, Boyish