Ears Wide Open: TRISHES


The first thing you notice about TRISHES, née Trish Hosein, is the effortlessly sultry allure of her voice. The Los Angeles-based artist of Trinidadian descent studied at the Berklee College of Music and uses live looping to build up her sound, a la Moses Sumney with more of a pop sensibility, and like Sumney she has a voice that not only grabs you but demands your attention, drawing you in with its crispness and range. It’s a voice that can transform a down-tempo cover of Toni Basil’s “Mickey” and make it sound like the new wave original took a Quaalude in the bedroom.

So far, two songs have emerged from “The Id,” her forthcoming debut album. “Animal” bounces with snap-and-synth production from Haqq that shifts with subtle touches and showcases all she can do with that voice. On the flip side, “Day Jobs” is a slow-burning storm of emotion produced by First Born with soaring harmonies about the artistic hustle and struggle of working to pay your rent while working on your craft, with such vivid songwriting as, “I’m at a stranger’s home in the hills / The price of that dog’s leash could pay all my bills / I’m rearing their children, clearing their conscience / Tuck in the kids while they go to a benefit, to benefit lonely kids …” Stream them both below.

||| Stream: “Animal” and “Day Jobs”

||| Also: watch her perform “Animal” below: