Photos: X Ambassadors, Morgxn and MILCK at the Roxy

X Ambassadors at the Roxy (Photo by Ashly Covington)
X Ambassadors at the Roxy (Photo by Ashly Covington)

New York’s X Ambassadors not only proved to be the perfect ambassadors for a cause on Tuesday night, but their fans showed themselves to be both adoring and open to new voices.

The occasion was a benefit for Planned Parenthood at the Roxy, and when the headliners’ Sam Harris asked the crowd how many had benefited from the organization’s programs, virtually every hand in the room shot up. Attendees had paid as much as $75 a ticket for the show (and what turned out to be a generous band meet-and-greet), and they had packed the Roxy by the time the first act went on.

And what a first act. If the crowd seemed restless to get to the main attractions, that feeling dissipated quickly during a mesmerizing performance by Los Angeles’ Connie Lim, aka MILCK. Starting her set solo at the keyboard, MILCK captivated the crowd with her swelling vocals before bringing on string players for her chill-inducing finale, “Quiet,” the song she performed a capella with a small group at the recent Women’s March in Washington D.C., resulting in a video gone viral.

Pop singer Morgxn performed next, revving up the crowd with his dancey, sexy songs such as “Love You With the Lights On” and “Hard Pill to Swallow.”

Then X Ambassadors held forth, kicking off their set with their 2014 single “Jungle” and segueing to songs such as “Loveless,” “Hang On” and “Gorgeous,” from their 2015 album “VHS,” and ending with “Unsteady” and “Renegades” from that same release. As promised, the band lingered for quite some time after the show, meeting and greeting.

Photos by Ashly Covington