Buzz Bands LA Show, today at 11 on Indie FM

The Independent FM

Today’s Buzz Bands LA Show covers the spectrum: I’ll have new music from Billie Eilish, who’s 15, and from the Black Watch, who are releasing their 15th album next month. Your Friday 120 minutes of local music, which kicks off at 11 a.m. on The Independent FM, also features fresh tunes from Maxim Ludwig, Zipper Club, Alyeska, Oddnesse, Lost Beach, Frankel and Iress. They’re all listed below, with an archive of the program. Click here to stream the show at 11.

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The Black Watch, “Way Strange World”
Zipper Club, “Breath”
James Supercave, “Burn / No Pressure”
Incan Abraham, “In My Bones”
Billie Eilish, “Bellyache”
La Bouquet, “Loser Baby”
Alyeska, “Sister Buckskin”
Goon, “Cammie at Night”
Cuesta Loeb, “Charlotte Hill”
Maxim Ludwig, “No One Has to Know”
Oddnesse, “Somewhere Somehow”
Lost Beach, “Famous for Foolin”
Magic Bronson, “Nervous”
TEST, “7th Street Metro”
Iress, “Crown of Losers”
Audiomammal, “Rodriquez”
Hanni El Khatib, “Gun Clap Hero”
SWIMM, “Groupie”
Bleached, “Turn to Rage”
Marvelty, “Wake Up”
Turquoise Noise, “Wasting All My Time”
Valley Queen, “Stars Align”
Greyface, “Birds”
Frankel, “Glue”
Rosie Tucker, “Fault Lines”
Night Talks, “Green”
Gary Calamar, “Little Tokyo”
MILCK, “Quiet”
Lo Moon, “Loveless”
Chicano Batman, “Jealousy”