Stream: Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 57)

Photo by Jack Hamilton via
Photo by Jack Hamilton via

Buzz Bands LA’s Greatest Hits … This Week series returns, with the 57th installment of goodies for your ears — a good way to play catch-up with the artists we’ve written about recently on this very website. Dig in to new songs from Oddnesse, Goon, Valley Queen, ADLT VDEO, The Black Watch, TRISHES, Lost Beach, Maxim Ludwig and more. Below the player, find a tracklisting with links to our coverage. And enjoy your Saturday.

Find our past playlists here.

The Black Watch, “Way Strange World”
Oddnesse, “Scream”
Goon, “Cammie at Night”
Valley Queen, “Stars Align”
ADLT VDEO, “Start Over”
TRISHES, “Animal”
Maxim Ludwig, “No One Has to Know”
DOT x Jnthn Stein, “No Filter”
La Bouquet, “Loser Baby”
Ramonda Hammer, “Zombie Sweater”
Lost Beach, “Famous for Foolin”
L.A. Girlfriend, “Death & Peonies”
É Arenas, “High on My Own”
Naomi Greene, “No Skin”
Sudan Archives, “Escape”

Also covered on Buzz Bands LA, but not available on Soundcloud:

Cones, “Echoes On”
Sand, “Haggard Hawk”
L.A. Takedown, “Night Skiing”