Photos: Japandroids at the Fonda Theatre

Japandroids at the Fonda Theatre (Photo by Samantha Saturday)
Japandroids at the Fonda Theatre (Photo by Samantha Saturday)

Canadian duo Japandroids put the “wild” in “Near to the Wild Heart of Life” on Friday night at the Fonda Theatre, thrilling a sold-out crowd amped-up to see Brian King and David Prowse after a four-year layoff. Fans ecstatically moshed to songs such “Fire’s Highway,” “Young Hearts Spark Fire,” and “Wet Hair” — from their first two albums, 2009’s “Post-Nothing” and 2012’s acclaimed “Celebration Rock.” The stage was lit with streaks of blue, white and red lights, the colors of the French flag, during “Wet Hair,” to correspond with lyrics “We run the gauntlet / Must get to France / So we can French kiss some French girls.” Japandroids played all but one song off the new album “Near to the Wild Heart of Life,” their first in five years, and ended the night with a raucous cover of AC/DC’s “If You Want Blood (You Got It)” with opener Craig Finn.

The bands play tonight at the Observatory. Tickets.

Setlist: Near to the Wild Heart of Life, Adrenaline Nightshift, Fire’s Highway, North Easy South West, Younger Us, Wet Hair, True Love and a Free Life of Free Will, Arc of Bar, In a Body Like a Grave, Heart Sweats. The Nights of Wine and Roses, Evil’s Sway, Midnight to Morning, Continuous Thunder, No Known Drink or Drug, Young Hearts Spark Fire, The House That Heaven Built, If You Want Blood (You’ve Got it) [AC/DC cover with Craig Finn]

Photo by Samantha Saturday