Premiere: Livingmore, ‘Gone Too Fast’


“Gone Too Fast” is the second single from Livingmore’s new album, which doesn’t have a release date yet but Spencer Livingston and Alex Moore have settled on a title: “OK To Land.” Joining January’s first single, “Really Mean It,” so far the album shows a lot of promise, rocking guitar and catchy melodies. This song’s got a nice, big, phasing jam. Livingston says it’s about something that is too good to last: “When you find something that seems perfect it’s usually pretty fragile and can leave you any moment. It’s about appreciating things while they last because they are usually gone too fast.”

They also decided to experiment musically and see if they could write a one-chord song. “We call this song the G song because there’s a constant G through the whole thing,” Livingston explains. “It has a drone kind of thing that is common in a lot of Indian mantras or Celtic music. I’ve always been inspired by that stuff. I don’t necessarily think it really sounds anything like that but there’s definitely a drone kind of thing happening that creates a tension and then sunrises at the end.”

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