Stream: Lovely Bad Things, ‘Hiding To Nothing’

Lovely Bad Things

Brothers Camron and Brayden Ward met Lauren Curtius, Tim Hatch and Wesley Baxter when they were growing up in La Mirada, where they had nothing much else to do but cultivate their music interests and form a band. The band’s name Lovely Bad Things comes from a typo involving the title of Mary Downing Hahn book, “All the Lovely Bad Ones.” They’ve been playing together for the last eight years, but their music taste is steeped in the 1990s. Although there’s been talk for a while now of a new album, “Teenage Grownups,” recorded with Johnny Bell at Jazzcat Studios, the band suddenly announced a new EP, “Homebodied,” coming out March 31 on Burger Records.

Recorded with Bell a few weeks ago, the first single, “Hiding To Nothing,” rings true with the band’s signature angsty boy-girl vocals spinning around a grungy pop melody. On Facebook, the band says this song is “kind of our ode to our struggle in trying to get things moving the past few years. The title is from an idiom, ‘on a hiding to nothing,’ that describes feeling like you’re bound to lose, no matter how hard you try. Despite the negative connotation, we’re actually trying to be positive here, honest! ’Cause even when the odds are stacked against you, you can still beat those odds by realizing that sometimes the world is spouting total bullshit that you can’t make room for anymore. It’s a song about finding the strength to be true to yourself and keep on going, even when you don’t know where to begin.”

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