Stream: Cotillon, ‘Alex’s Room’

Cotillon (Photo by Laura Lynn Petrick)
Cotillon (Photo by Laura Lynn Petrick)

Jordan Corso birthed his lo-fi pop/new wave project Cotillon on the West Coast, making his 2015 self-titled debut under the guiding hand of Chet “Jr” White. Corso then changed coasts, making his home base New York City so he could make his “New York album.” “The Afternoons” — inspired, he says, by French new wave, Japanese literature, uppers, downers, big-city culture and a romantic relationship” — is it. Co-produced by Al Carlson (St. Vincent, Wild Nothing, Ariel Pink) and Shane Butler (Quilt), “The Afternoons” is out April 21 via Burger Records, offering a panoply of deadpan charm, fractured sonics and wry reflections. “Alex’s Room” and “Black Sea” are kind of the opposite poles of the record, which spins merrily off its axis in a couple places but never so much you want to get out of its orbit.

||| Stream: “Alex’s Room”

||| Live: Cotillon plays April 18 at the Bootleg Theater, supporting The Relationship (Brian Bell of Weezer). Tickets.

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