Video: The Wild Reeds, ‘Only Songs’

The Wild Reeds

The universe has a funny sense of humor. While shooting a music video about Mackenzie Howe’s Telecaster being robbed from her car, someone actually broke into the car and stole a bunch of things. While lamenting this ironic turn of events, the Wild Reeds took advantage of the busted window and worked it into the video for “Only Songs,” the latest single from “The World We Built,” their second full-length album, arriving Friday on Dualtone Records. Howe says, ‚ÄúThis song is sort of a diary entry about how trivial things in life are often disappointing, but how playing music with the band over the last few years has been our steadfast source of fun and joy.”

That happiness and sisterly bond is palpable in the video. Kinsey Lee, Sharon Silva and Howe have been playing together since 2009. They found brothers in drummer Nick Jones and bassist Nick Phakpiseth, releasing their first formal full-length, “Blind And Brave,” in 2014, and a great EP, “Best Wishes,” last summer. The new record finds the band embracing a variety sonic elements and genre territory, blending their love of folk, country, and rock into songs full of heart, harmony, and a rosy outlook, even when pushed into the darker corners of life.

||| Watch: “Only Songs”

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