Stream: SWIMM, ‘First Time’


Chris Hess and Adam Winn, the Florida ex-pats who make music as SWIMM, have had very good results in odd-numbered years. Their long-ish EPs, “Feel” and “Beverly Hells,” came out in 2013 and ’15, respectively, and now they’re working toward going the distance and releasing a full-length this year. While their EPs, as well as their intermittent singles, could be characterized as road-ready indie-rock with psychedelic flourishes, they profess to be setting off in a “bold new direction.” And they’ve concocted something quite different in “First Time,” their new single. It’s an intoxicant spiked with oozing keyboards, electronic percussion and Hess’ pillow-talk falsetto. There are a lot of these musical Mickeys around, so slip into this at your discretion.

||| Stream: “First Time”

||| Live: SWIMM hosts “Love You Down,” a mini-festival Saturday at the Hi Hat featuring the Gloomies, Vs Colour, Thumpasaurus, Cuesta Loeb, LA Font and Goldensuns, with visuals by the Blindspot Project and DJ sets from Gardens & Villa, Jennylee (Warpaint) and Aaron Byrd (KCRW). Tickets.

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