Video: Electric Guest, ‘Back For Me’

Electric Guest

After working with producer Dangermouse on 2012’s “Mondo,” Electric Guest‘s Asa Taccone and Matthew Compton took time, five years to be exact, to finally fulfill their vision for an album that could follow up that debut’s execution. “Plural” came out in February on Downtown/Interscope and it’s a forward-thinking combination of electronic music, r&b, and pop. Compton says, “I think we tried to create a different palette of sounds and styles than what you heard on ‘Mondo.’ Most of the sounds we ended up liking this time were more modern and less throwback. Music has changed quite a bit since our last album came out, and I think we embraced that rather than shy away from it.”

On “Back For Me,” there’s a touch of a throwback feel in the drums, while the bass gets to have a lot of the fun in counterpoint to Taccone’s vocals. And there’s one little riff that appears just before the minute-mark that resembles a kazoo and never returns. It’s just a blink-and-you-can-miss it detail that lets you know the guys took a surgeon’s approach to crafting these new songs. Well, a surgeon that leaves a kazoo in his patient’s body, just for fun. In the video, the guys visit a strip club, but Taccone appears more focused on the subject of his song than the bouncing butts, and seems to find a bit more clarity on his stroll through the mountains.

He says, “One of production people asked me after the first day, ‘Is this video about what to do when the illusion doesn’t fill you up? …Or maybe it’s just a strip club video?’ I didn’t answer her but I was glad those were the questions she was asking.”

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