Video: The Black Pine, ‘The Light’

The Black Pine
The Black Pine

The Black Pine are the musical machinations of husband-and-wife team Mitchell Cichocki and Emma Kathan, currently joined Ian Latchmansingh and James Scott Rubia. They’ve been doing this a long time — this being nuanced experimental rock meets soft rock meets shoegaze that seems to change moods with every guitar tone or splash of keys. They debuted in 2003 with the EP “The Sexlife of Flowers” and have followed with four shape-shifting full-lengths, with the latest, “Waves,” having been released just as everybody was ringing in the new year. Made with Aaron Espinoza in his studio The Ship, “Waves,” their first release since 2012, is a true long-player, the kind of album that seeps into your aural pores rather than hit you over the head with the obvious. The album touches on classic rock (“Sparks,” “Love Give It Away”), ’90s alternative with the foreboding “So Close Between” and even the 4AD aesthetic when drumer-singer Kathan takes the lead on “Flowers.” As the band’s video for “The Light” suggests, their spectacle is their craft: “Photograph the world / for those who can’t see the light / Train your ear to the sound / of sunlight calling you here.”

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