Video, Girlpool, ‘It Gets More Blue’

Girlpool (photo by Hannah Taylor)

When 2015’s “Before The World Was New” came out, Harmony Tividad and Cleo Tucker packed up their bags and moved to Philadelphia. Fresh out of high school, a change seemed right. But the West Coast has beckoned Girlpool back home with the promise of sunshine and smog. Not only did they come back to record their second album, “Powerplant,” with Drew Fischer at Comp-ny Studios, the duo officially moved back to Los Angeles at the start of this year. The new album sees the addition of drummer Miles Wintner ( of L.A. Takedown, among other things), filling out the songs with percussion, a backbone to their emotional confessionals. “The songs we were writing had the potential of getting really climactic,” says Tucker. “I think percussion adds a new part of the musical dynamic that we want to explore.”

Arriving May 12 on Anti- Records, “Powerplant” is all about baring feelings and vulnerability. Tividad explains: “As a society I feel that we perceive softness and vulnerability as traits that are ‘weak,’ and people emotionally disconnect themselves in order to avoid going through everything they feel. … I think what is most important right now is empathy, and in order to have empathy we must first feel what we, ourselves, feel.”

The new video for “It Gets More Blue” finds Tividad and Tucker as the stars of a classic romance, in which one plays a sailor and the other, the gal that gets left behind for the sea. The most romantic line: “The nihilist tells you that nothing is true. I said I faked global warming just to get close to you.”

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