Video premiere: Old Man Saxon, ‘Sunday Saxon’

Old Man Saxon
Old Man Saxon

Independent rapper Old Man Saxon imbues his sharp work with both heartbreak and humor, and never more so that in his new video for “Sunday Saxon.” The Colorado-bred artist released his EP “The Perils” last year, the title track tackling the reality of his life in L.A. — which included his living in the back of Ford Explorer. Old Man Saxon’s new video for “Sunday Saxon,” directed by Anthony Yano Hays, is deadpan funny and deadly serious; it’s a fable that gets inside the head of a young boy whose father is absent and whose mother is wrapped up in her own needs. On a walk through the woods, the boy befriends a tortoise (Saxon Cole Kincy himself) who assures him everything is gonna be cool. The video has been pre-selected for the Newport Beach Film Festival and the NYC Independent Film Festival. With any luck, it’ll make turtle rap a thing.

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