Stream: Peaking Lights, ‘Everytime I See The Light’

Peaking Lights

Indra Dunis and Aaron Coyes spent two years crafting their new Peaking Lights album, “The Fifth State Of Consciousness.” This 12-track double LP was produced in the band’s Dreamfuzz studio and will arrive June 16 via the duo’s own label, Two Flowers Records. Blending psychedelic music, house, electronic and reggae, with the hypnotic power of repetition, the band describes the record as “A journey thru an alien landscape where the dream world tells stories of lost innocence, finding strength and seeking an enlightened state of being after trials and tribulations all wrapped up in two syrupy dubbed to the bone balearic pancakes sprinkled with powdered psychedelia.” Mmm, pancakes.

To create the sounds on “The Fifth State Of Consciousness,” Coyes went a little bit mad scientist in his studio, which he describes as “a small junkyard with many happy mistakes,” full of odd gadgetry where he could experiment with recording methods, using tape machines to record melodies backwards, then playing them in reverse, and breaking electronic gear to create something new. For cool points, Coyes runs everything through a 1976 16/8 Soundcraft Series Two mixing console, the same type of board used by Lee “Scratch” Perry at Black Ark and at Cargo Studios, home to many treasured Factory Records creations.

“Everytime I See The Light” begins with bongos and guitar in front, which are then submerged beneath some spunky extraterrestrial sounds. Dunis’ vocals remain unflappable throughout her delivery of cautionary advice. This song invites the body to move while instructing the mind to be careful about what it wants. The result is a good scrambling that may result in calorie burning.

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