Video: Mondo Cozmo, ‘Shine’

Mondo Cozmo
Mondo Cozmo

It was about this time last year that singer-songwriter Josh Ostrander debuted his new project Mondo Cozmo — via the tearjerker of a video starring Anna Faris. Since then, the former Eastern Conference Champions main man has dispensed more of his raspy, uplifting anthems, including the big, we’re-all-in-this-together single “Shine.” It’s easy to imagine the genesis of the song — when he wrote it, Ostrander was paying bills by working as a laborer on landscaping crews, writing music at nights in his guest room, ostensibly hopeful of some light at the end of the tunnel. The new video for the song, directed by Travis Shinn and Jeremy Danger, is a celebration of the diaspora that is Los Angeles, an “everything will be all right” as read in the faces of the people in the film.

In between a rigorous touring schedule, Mondo Cozmo is finishing up a full-length album, tentatively due for release this summer. It will include the song “Plastic Soul,” initially a stealth release for legal reasons (the song samples, or is essentially a remake of, the original version of “Piece of My Heart” recorded by Aretha Franklin’s sister Erma). The song received wide radio play, and now lawyers have apparently done their diligence.

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